Random Good Things

I’m sick of bad stuff. Too much bad stuff going on lately. Bad stuff like what’s been in the news. Bad stuff like pollen alerts and spring allergies and sinus headaches. Bad stuff like teething and cleaning up after majorly productive snotty baby sneezes. Bad stuff like stressing over how we’re moving in less than three months and OH MY GOD THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO DEAR GOD HOW WILL WE EVER GET EVERYTHING DONE.

So this post is going to be refreshing, like how your mouth feels after you brush your teeth and then take a big swig of ice-cold water. Brrrrrrrrr but it feels so goooood. Yeah, that’s this post. Figuratively.

Good Things about the baby:

  • He is now pulling up to stand (when holding my hands, but he really is doing all the work)
  • He rolls over (very occasionally)
  • He can support himself on his hands and knees for quite a while and is starting to sorta kinda maybe move forward (although so far, he just collapses on his tummy)
  • 20130423-223144.jpg

  • He can stand up by himself while holding onto something for support (the couch, the ottoman, etc.). And he is SO DARN PROUD of himself too.
  • He waves “hi” and “bye-bye” and understands what “hi” and “bye-bye” mean (he even waves “hi” to Daddy when we’re talking to him on the phone!)
  • He says “ma” around me and “da” around Daddy. And he says “yay!” sometimes when he’s playing. 🙂
  • He signs “milk” and “all done” and uses them appropriately (in context, not randomly)
  • He is REALLY interested in music! He loves his music class, loves the instruments he has at home (a few cheapo plastic maracas and shaker eggs), and will actually demand to listen to music in the car.
  • And he is REALLY interested in books! His teachers say that he loves the book corner in his classroom––they put him there when he gets frustrated by too many kids playing near him and he settles right down. Could this kid be any more like his mama? 😉
  • He is sleeping right now. Alone. Without me. Without being attached to me. Without me holding him. You have no idea how liberated I feel. Plus I honestly believe he’s getting better rest. I suddenly have the urge to tebow even though I’ve never done it in my life and I can’t stand that goody two-shoes, but maybe that just goes to show you how deliriously blissed-out I am over this recent development. And maybe it also shows that I need to get more sleep. Or a glass of wine. Or both…yeah, that’s the ticket.
  • He has had two very good days at school (yesterday and today)––he’s been eating better, he’s been in a better mood, he hasn’t been crying like he did last week. Soooo glad to hear that.

Other Good Things:

  • Sunday morning, I looked out the big picture window in our living room and noticed a dramatic change in the back yard––one of the big trees back there literally bloomed overnight! (Is “bloom” the right word for when trees open up their leaves? Probably not. But whatever.) The burst of green was a very welcome sight––spring is way overdue. And the grass suddenly turned from ugly muddy straw into green stuff that is starting to resemble grass. And we even have some dandelions blooming in our yard. (I love dandelions. I think they are pretty.)
  • Today I discovered four tiny blue eggs in my bluebird box.

    20130423-223104.jpg I’ll check it again in a few days to see if this clutch is complete or if the bluebirds decide to add a fifth baby. A couple of years ago, they raised five little ones in that box. (Not sure what happened last year, since I was gigantically pregnant and not exactly able to waddle back there to check the nest box.)

  • I have new makeup and I love it. I haven’t bought myself new makeup since long before Bucko arrived. That’s a long time, especially considering I used to be a Clinique consultant––makeup used to be my JOB! I love makeup. I love making myself look pretty, because then I feel pretty, and everything seems a little bit better. (Yes, even ardent feminists are allowed to want to feel pretty.)
  • Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 74Ëš. In other words, perfectly perfect. Annnnnd it just happens to be our 9th wedding anniversary. (NINE YEARS!) And somehow we’re still here. And we have a cheerful, giggly, squirmy, delightful little Bucko. And we can’t imagine life before him, just like I can’t remember life before Us.

To many, many more years of this. 🙂



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