Slacker = Me.

Holy moly. I can’t believe I didn’t post ANYTHING for the entire month of May! Shame on me. A lot happened last month: I ended up in the hospital with mastitis (bad); we spent a week in Columbus visiting my family (good); and Bucko turned ONE YEAR OLD (whaaaaaa?!?!).

And life only gets wilder as the summer progresses. Hubby is getting promoted to major in July––woo hoo! And a few days after that, we’re moving to Charlottesville, VA (5 weeks and 5 days from now…not that I’m counting…OK, I’m counting). Hubby will be doing a year-long advanced law degree program at the JAG School, which is located by UVA’s law school. After living in the same place for four years, we are positively itching to go someplace different. (I know for you civilian folks out there, you can’t even comprehend the concept of moving every couple of years, but for military families, four years in the same spot is forever.) And Charlottesville is WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL so we’re extra excited about it.

Phew. Now that we’re caught up, I hereby pledge to be a good blogger and post more in-depth entries about all the stuff going on in our world. So help me God. (You have to say that at the end of a pledge, right? Or maybe it’s “liberty and justice for all….”)

Whatever. You’ll be hearing from me again soon.

That’s a promise. 😉


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