Help! A Plea from a Breastfeeding Mama

Over the past few days I’ve been working on a couple other, more involved posts, but right now I’d really appreciate any advice more experienced moms could give.

Lately, it is just about impossible to nurse Bucko and/or have him take a nap (the two, for better or worse, pretty much are inextricably linked) unless we are: a) in bed, b) lying down (side-nursing), and c) in a dark and very quiet room.

I think I’ve covered my ongoing ambivalence about his sleep habits (am I doing the right thing? am I responding to his needs or am I creating a monster?) so I don’t really want to get into that right now.

What I am seeking is advice, encouragement, whatever you may have to give about how to handle this. I thought I had witnessed distracted nursing before, but this is a whole new level. It’s like Mega Super Jumbo Family-Sized Distracted Nursing. A quick drink or two, then BOOM! Instant unlatch to whip his head around and look whoever just had the AUDACITY to whisper to me, or maybe clear their throat, or just happens to occupy the same space. Same thing if the TV is on, or if one of our cats is in the same room, or if we are simply in A Room somewhere on Planet Earth. There’s always something distracting. So he’s nursing more at night. Sigh.

When I vented to Hubby about it, his response was, and I quote, “Maybe he’s trying to wean.” No, no he is not trying to wean. But thanks for playing. Bucko is still quite attached to the boobies. Just not as much as I’d like him to be, literally speaking.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Is it finally time to quit the co-sleeping? I hope that’s not the answer but I’m starting to get a bit desperate.