Slacker = Me.

Holy moly. I can’t believe I didn’t post ANYTHING for the entire month of May! Shame on me. A lot happened last month: I ended up in the hospital with mastitis (bad); we spent a week in Columbus visiting my family (good); and Bucko turned ONE YEAR OLD (whaaaaaa?!?!).

And life only gets wilder as the summer progresses. Hubby is getting promoted to major in July––woo hoo! And a few days after that, we’re moving to Charlottesville, VA (5 weeks and 5 days from now…not that I’m counting…OK, I’m counting). Hubby will be doing a year-long advanced law degree program at the JAG School, which is located by UVA’s law school. After living in the same place for four years, we are positively itching to go someplace different. (I know for you civilian folks out there, you can’t even comprehend the concept of moving every couple of years, but for military families, four years in the same spot is forever.) And Charlottesville is WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL so we’re extra excited about it.

Phew. Now that we’re caught up, I hereby pledge to be a good blogger and post more in-depth entries about all the stuff going on in our world. So help me God. (You have to say that at the end of a pledge, right? Or maybe it’s “liberty and justice for all….”)

Whatever. You’ll be hearing from me again soon.

That’s a promise. 😉


What this world needs… yet another mommy blogger. (Amirite?)

So here I am. You’re welcome. 😉

I’ve tried (and failed) many times to maintain a blog––maybe this will be the one that sticks. (Hey, you never know!) I figure if anything, it’ll cut down a bit on the relentless baby-related posts on Facebook, much to the relief of my non-parenting friends. As a frustrated writer, I’d love a “real” audience––as in “people who don’t know me but like my writing”––but if the only people who read this are friends and family, so be it. Life goes on.

My plans for this blog are:

  1. put all most of my mommy-related thoughts in one place;
  2. provide baby-related updates for our families and friends; and
  3. post links to things I find interesting, provocative, maddening, controversial, silly, and/or cute.

I guess I should introduce myself. Right now I’m a SAHM (stay-at-home mom, for the uninitiated) and the happy but often tired mother of a wonderful but often overly energetic baby boy, whom I will refer to as Bucko in the interest of protecting his anonymity. (Call me paranoid, but I’d hate to have something I wrote in a state of sleep-deprived slaphappiness come back to haunt him in his adult life, just because mommy needed to tell her invisible friends all about the time he discovered his pee-pee.) Daddy is an active-duty Army officer, and he just signed on for another three years––woohoo! Currently we live in the Hudson Valley (Daddy has been stationed at West Point for the past few years), but this summer we’ll be moving to Charlottesville, VA for a year. After that, who knows? Certainly not us.

Bucko was born on May 31, 2012 after maybe 12 hours of labor. I don’t know exactly, I wasn’t really concentrating on clocks at the time. I should write his birth story. In another blog post, though. Bucko came to us thanks to the miraculous, wondrous superpowers of IVF. Maybe I’ll get into that some other time, too. We have four more frozen baby-seedlings for future child-creating. Maybe I’m nuts, but I CAN’T WAIT to do it all again! (Please don’t use that against me when I have additional children and am about to lose any shred of sanity I may still have.)

We also have two cats who have been with me since August 1, 2000. They were in an orphaned litter of barn cats in rural Ohio. I adopted them when they were around 5 weeks old. Now they’re cranky old ladies.

Welcome to my world!